Enjoy Restaurant and Bar of ThesmosVillage and discover the wonderful world of Greek traditional cuisine, which is internationally known as an elixir of longevity and fine flavors. Combining pure products of the Greek land, the ThesmosVillage offers traditional recipes and international dishes, creating imaginative menu, a magical journey to the culinary delight.
Our Assistant pure olive oil and nutritional treasures of Greek land, whether in fresh fruits and vegetables, or dairy products, or herbs and spices, or baked fish and delicious Greek meats, rightly made the traditional cuisine of Greece to considered one of the best in the world!

Breakfast : In the Morning

A generous breakfast is served in the ” thesmos village ” a free-standing, airy sun-room set in the Hotel’s garden; in summer, guests breakfast among in the reception.

Our breakfast specialty is our top quality Greek yogurt topped with local honey and nuts.

In our cooking we use only virgin olive oil.

Bar: The balcony of the ionio

Our bar offers juices and smoothies made with freshly grown fruits. We have a list of cocktails from our professionally trained staff and daily happy hours. Our bar offers salad, club sandwiches and traditional dessert. Also, our bars offer our beer in barrels and various other national brands. Our bar closes at midnight.

Ψηφιακό Βήμα Ψηφιακό Βήμα

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