Heart of Passion


During your stay, you can enjoy your breakfast on the balcony or the complex's garden, listening to nature sounds and the waves of the sea splashing on the rocks of the beach.
A drink after sunset in the garden, with outdoor lighting in harmony with the landscape is what you need to relax and start your evening outings.



    Enjoy Restaurant and Bar of ThesmosVillage and discover the wonderful world of Greek traditional cuisine, which is internationally known as an elixir of longevity and fine flavors. Combining pure products of the Greek land, the ThesmosVillage offers traditional recipes and international dishes, creating imaginative menu, a magical journey to the culinary delight.

   Our Assistant pure olive oil and nutritional treasures of Greek land, whether in fresh fruits and vegetables, or dairy products, or herbs and spices, or baked fish and delicious Greek meats, rightly made the traditional cuisine of Greece to considered one of the best in the world!