Heart of Passion


During your stay, you can enjoy your breakfast on the balcony or the complex's garden, listening to nature sounds and the waves of the sea splashing on the rocks of the beach.
A drink after sunset in the garden, with outdoor lighting in harmony with the landscape is what you need to relax and start your evening outings.



Welcome to Mytikas and ThesmosVillage, in a magical location, which combines indented coastline (the only Greek fjord), slopes, historic sites, direct access to cosmopolitan islands and an incomparable beauty landscape that is considered one of the most beautiful of Greece. 20 sunny studios of Thesmos Village will find all the modern comforts to enjoy the feeling of relaxation in your own vacation paradise.

- With opportunities for sports enthusiasts (kayaking, rafting, climbing slopes, hiking trails and bicycle or watersports)

- With picturesque harbors, which serve as bases for the boat majestic Ionian Islands, Astakos, or Nidri Kalamos and Kastos

- With beautiful beaches in the calm waters of the Mediterranean and overlooks one of the most beautiful "balconies" of Greece, which overlooks birth land of the legendary Odysseus, Ithaca and cosmopolitan Lefkada.

- With a landscape breathtaking, combining rivers, lagoons, pine-covered slopes, mountains and emerald seashore.


Welcome to Mytikas, the PARADISE of HOLIDAYS !!!